Saturday, 29 January 2011

6'6" IXPS/~EPOXY Semi-Dialer

6'6"x 21 1/2"x 2 3/4" IXPS/Epoxy semi-dialer, lacquer finished.

This was a demo/tester that had come back in. It has only a few dents in the deck, and one ding on the tail that I'm fixing now. Super strong with 6/6+4 glassing over IXPS blank similar to the ones Patagonia uses.

There's a lot of board here, so I would suggest this goes to a big/heavy guy or someone moving down off a log, preferably both..

£180 with fins.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

my original simzer

5'8"x22x2 1/2" EPS/Epoxy
Built like a bomber, it has a coupla knocks here and there, but nothing through the gloss coat.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Kane Garden Larry Mabile Twinzer

5'8"x20x2 1/2 solid opaque blue tint.

This is a real Kane Garden from San Diego, not the crappy surftech model. It was near £600 new, and has only 2 small dings and very few small dents on the deck.


my personal Dynamo

5'10"x19x2 3/8, 2 months old, no dings or dents.

My personal demo board for the Label brand. Light, strong, fast and loose in just about anything. Super fun shortboard.


brand new 5'8" fish

5'8"x22"x3 4 color tint, sanded finish.

This board was going to go to the Fish Fry in Italy this year, but didn't get done in time. It is brand new, and will be wetsanded monday.


Friday, 14 January 2011

70s? era Piran surf twin fin

this is a real collector's item. I picked it up in Newcastle with the aim of restoring it, but haven't gotten around to it yet. It has a few dings but is structurally sound, and really fun to ride! Even has 80s stickers....

I paid £150 for it, so would entertain offers thereabouts...

7'4" missing link

7'4"x22x2 3/4 mini longboard.

This is an ex-display/demo for the Label brand. It has been ridden twice - by me and my friend Rich. Absolutely pristine! Glassed with 6oz bottom, 6+4 deck it is strong, and reasonably light. Features pinched out 60/40 rails into a square shortboard rail in the tail. It is very responsive for a board of it's length, and feels much shorter when ridden off the tail. Yet, you can still noseride it in the pocket if you have the skills.


Original Incut Fish

5'8"x21x2 3/4 glass on cut away keels.
This is the board that started it all. It blows people away everytime they ride it because you don't expect a fish to be able to do what this board can do. Faster than any quad I've tried, and looser than a keel, this board allows a very radical approach to surfing a fish. Unlike other keels, it is responsive backhand, and very solid of the bottom and top of the wave. I have ridden this board in waist high slop, OH Bossiney, and lots of waves in the NE and it never let me down. In fact, most people can't believe its a fish...

Glassed with a special resin used for offshore powerboat race hulls, it has only a few scratches on the bottom, and one dent on the deck from a bungled air.

This is my personal board, and I'm sorry to see it go...


5'8" Hybrid -SLIMzer

5'8"x20"x2 1/2, but don't let that fool you into thinking this is a thick board. The foil is extreme, with the diameter of the rail under 1" at the widest point. It paddles like a big guy shortboard, but once you get into the wave, it absolutely flies. Much more responsive than a normal Simmons, and able to do very progressive surfing. Overhead Bossiney is a playground on this board!

Glassed 4oz bottom, 6+4 deck it is strong and normal weight. Slightly wonky tint, No dings.


stringerless eps/epoxy disc

This is one of the 1st few boards I made in Brazil. Yellow pigment deck, swirl bottom.
Stringerless EPS with 2x6oz bottom, 2x6+4 deck. Bomber strong, and light as a feather. It has only a few scratches on the bottom where I got washed over some rocks at the "point" in Tynemouth, but nothing else. Can be ridden as a thruster, or Twinzer. Super fun board, albeit a little funky...