Tuesday, 30 August 2011

one more hurricane special..

8'2"x22"3" super pinched out 50/50s, rolled bottom, 6oz glass with double tint and polish.

This board was built for a girl I was seeing, that fell through, as these things do..

Anyway, it has been ridden exactly 3 times as of today, and won't fit in my travel bag, so it has to go. Absolutely no dings, scratches, nada! Just like new, plus fresh wax job....!

It is a very lively mid-length, that can do critical turns at will, yet still allow you to perch on the nose in the pocket. Perfect for beach breaks, and flies in lined up waves. Yes, it does it all!

Normally, this would be a £600 board, yours for £350 without a fin, or £400 with a purple MD3 fin.


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hurricane sale..

got to head home to help with the clean up effort, so have to sell off some personal boards. All made when I got back to the UK in May 2011, so barely used. Most don't even have dents on the deck. The ones that do, are only where my back foot goes!

5'8"x20"x2 1/2" Simzer Hybrid, with fiberglass Lokbox quads. £250


5'8"x19 1/2"x 2 1/2" PMT. Strinerless Poly contstruction. 4/6+4 glassing, sanded finish.

£220 with fins. No dings whatsoever.

This board has only been ridden a handful of time, when the surf dictated riding a more performance shape. But, will still go in junk.

5'6"x19"2 3/8" Dynamo hybrid. Only ridden a few times in good surf. No dings whatsoever.

All board are available to view at the Fluid Juice shop at the old airbase, St Merryn, or via myself via email etc..

grab a steal for the upcoming swell!