Saturday, 27 November 2010

9'4" Pimp £350

my personal 9'4" Post Modern Pig is now up for sale. One dent on the bottom where it washed into the rocks at Widemouth, but not through the cloth at all. There is a lot of cloth on this board, so it is heavy, and strong. 2x6oz deck, 2x6oz bottom, and custom fin.

Super lively for a heavy board, with enough volume to get into anything, and thin rails to allow them to properly engage, all meant for a good traditional logging style.

I'll clean the wax off before it is picked up so it looks more like this:

£300 as is

5'4"x22"x2 3/4 IXPS/Epoxy fish £250

My personal 5'4" IXPS/Epoxy fish with resin splash is now for sale.
Super fun, it is loose, fast, light, and strong. Made from a surfboard specific IXPS blank similar to the Patagonia foam, this is super bouyant, and hard. There are no dings, and the foam is hydrophobic, so if you do manage to ding it, it won't absorb any water.