Friday, 29 October 2010

5'8" XPS/Epoxy Incut

5'8"x21ishx2 5/8ish XPS/Epoxy with carbon rails, and coth inlay top and bottom.
I made this to use around the corner from here in rocky suckout spots, so it is strong and light.
It has some issues with the finishing, especially where the speedcoat went funny and white in places, but has no dings whatsoever.


wake-sim crossover

5'6"x21ishx2 3/4 wake board crossover, no dings.
Hull entry into a triplane/concave 4 channel bottom with a keel-zer fin set up.
Looser than you would think, and really fun on those small to medium fishy type days.

provisionally SOLD

5'4" mini disc

5'4"x22ishx2 5/8 XPS/Epoxy 1/2 carbon twin keel mini disc.
No open dings, and that's just wax residue on the bottom. This is a really fun board that crosses over from the Sims and Hull ethos. It is FLAT, fast, and surprisingly loose. I've ridden this is waist to head high waves, and leave the water smiling everytime...


Monday, 25 October 2010

OG Piggy

This is one of the original Pig style boards I made a while ago. Great fun on those small clean days, up to chest high. Super glider...

Glassed HEAVY, with a 1" balsa stringer, full orange tint, pinstriped bottom, pinlined deck, and solid wood d fin, all fully polished.
It has one ding on the tip of the fin, and one on the rail. I will fix the ding on the rail prior to selling it.


6'0" SLIMZER-hybrid

6'0"x21x2 3/4 psuedo-simmons. Golden yellow pigment with purple glitter, and orange/plaid nose dip, ply fins, fully polished. No known dings, and barely ridden.

provisionally SOLD

full volume 6'0" pulled in fish

Made this 2 years ago, and it has been used as a display board for most of its life. It has been re-sanded, and sprayed, with a sanded fnish.
6oz bottom, single 6oz deck(may dent easily), mustard pigment. No known dings.
It is a full volume semi-HP outline, with low rails, and would be a fun board for someone wanting to try a fish, without spending a lot of dough.

£150 as is, no fins

5'8" XPS/Epoxy Incut fish tester

5'8"x21ishx2 5/8 XPS(extruded poly styrene) cored incut fish, sanded finish.
This is one of the incut evolutions i was riding a lot up north. Super light with 2x4oz bottom and 3x4oz deck, but very, very strong. It has one ding on one of the swallow tails, but this foam is totally hydrophobic, so I never bothered to fix it. Really, it is that good.
It has a 2 tone pigment lamination over the pink foam core, and has some cosmetic issues, so it is going cheap!


5'6" Carbon Eps/EPoxy Sim quad

My personal 5'6"x23x2 1/2 carbon/poly blend quad hybrid-simmons. Super fun in anything up to head high.
This is another eps core with RR epoxy, and lacquer finish. It has some battle scars from the Box, and other rocky spots around here, but is super strong, and light.


ex-tester carbon eps/epoxy 5'4" keel

5'4"x22"x2 5/8 or so carbon/poly blend over eps core, lacquer finished.
This is another personal tester that is just sitting around, and needs a good home. Tried a new brand of epoxy, and it shows all the laps, but came out very strong.
It has some battle scars, and cosmetic issues, but works really well.


Saturday, 2 October 2010

6'2" HP incut - ex demo

6'2" HP Incut fish with 2 color tint, foam artwork, lokboxes, and a combo finish.

This board has never been ridden, and was a display board at Fluid Concept, and Revolver. Has a couple knocks that have been fixed and re-buffed up. Made originally for solid surf, but never even waxed up as it went on display immediately. I don't have room for it, so regretfully it has to go.


Modern Twin Ex-Demo

6'2"x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8 pu/pe modern twin fin.
Lightly glassed with 4/4+4oz patch resin tint nose, with parabolic stringers.
Couple small dings - chip in nose, and dent on deck/rail. Nothing serious and water tight.
Only used for about a month, and set aside as my focus went on to smaller versions. It's a really fun and fast board that would suit someone with a more shortboard approach to surfing. It has a bit more volume than an HP Shortboard, with vee to flat to vee in tail. It's loose, but solid off the bottom/top. I'd keep it to travel with, but need to clear some space for further experiments.

£180 as is, no fins. or £210 with fins.